Great Scott!

Today is the day that Marty McFly arrived in the future after hitting  88mph in his pimped out Delorean in 1985.

When you leave work today the streets will be inundated with hoverboards. Cool!

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Vuvuzela Moment – Blow your Vuvuzela at 12 Noon Today

A football fan blowing a vuvuzela in Kimberley, South Africa. File Photo: AP

A football fan blowing a vuvuzela in Kimberley, South Africa. File Photo: AP

The moment has come for Mzansi to stand up and create history. Let us unite with the sound of vuvuzelas today at 12 noon.

Lets go out there and do what Mzansi does best… blow our Vuvuzelas and show our support of Bafana Bafana and for the 2010 World Cup.

Vuvuzela Moment

“Vuvuzela moment” is an initiative which will bring Mzansi to a standstill, make the world stand up and take notice of Mzansi’s pride, its own heritage!

On the 9th of June 2010, 2 days before kick-off at exactly 12 o’clock, for 5 minutes, stop what you are doing, get your Vuvuzelas, and blow on it like never before. If you are in the car, hoot and let the sound be heard from Cape to Mpumalanga to KwaZulu-Natal and from KwaZulu-Natal to Limpopo!


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Come and Play.

Come and Play.

Come and Play.

Our invitation to you. Gone are the days when you threw you satchel down, grabbed your cape and ran outside to knock on the doors of all your mates to save the world in an afternoon. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun anymore.

We’ve been busy creating a cool collection of mobile flashlite games. Classics with a twist. You will instantly recognise them if you’re over 30 … and perhaps younger if you, like us, believe that old skool is still cool. Retro Arcade classics have now been given new life with local lingo. If you think you’d like to donner some footballs with a blast of your Vuvuzela! … or protect your Bryanston home from an invasion of Parktown Prawns … your fun is on it’s way. And that’s not the least of it. Smell the coffee with Jouma sé Waffles. Or grow the longest Boomslang.

We have 6 soon-to-be-released titles to ensure you have reason to escape.

For more regular updates on our mission-to-make-life-more-fun please follow the SpacePatrolCar on

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roller coaster kingdom

It was our year end party on Tuesday and we decided to bid adieu to 2009 with the real version of roller coaster kingdom: ratanga junction. Of course the choice of roller coaster wasn’t accidental – it’s been a roller coaster of a year for SpacePatrolCar with a few Loerie and Bookmark finalists as well as an exciting strategic shift for 2010. So we strapped ourselves in the human slingshot, shut our eyes tightly and pulled the rip cord … just for practice. see you on the flip side peeps.

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It’s National Friends Day on 28 November!

How many friends do you have? 3? 5? 10? 20? Real friends mind you. Not those Facebook number’s you’re trying to push.

Diarise 28 November now. It’s the day you will want to call them all and celebrate. Why? Because for the first time in SA we have a National Friends Day. Hurrah!

To celebrate, our sista’s at Women24 have grabbed the gauntlet and decided to give away a luxury spa treatment or R7 000 in cash to everybody who pledges their support. We think it’s grand.

So. Move your mouse over to and check out the cool activity playlist we put together for you. Ideas like dying your hair, picking up a bartender, starting a veggie garden, making a time capsule or renting a harley will ensure your day is maximum fun. Not only that, but we’ve also thrown a bunch of goodies for you to download such as cool National Friends Day stickers, a do-it-yourself Photo Frame and a pocket-sized playlist for you to carry with you.

We think National Friends Day should become a regular on the SA calendar and once all pledges are in we’re going to petition our local premiers to announce the 28 November as The Official National Friends Day. Now that’s worth braai’ing about. Don’t you think?

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Roots of Technology Touch Screen

We’ve been having a blast with those Rock Star’s from Wireframe Studios.

Paul and his team of geniuses have recently completed a mammoth job for MTE Studios’ … over 20 interactive installations for the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Dubai – and we helped build one of them: The Roots of Technology Touch Screen.

Inventions made by Islamic scholars are often incorrectly attributed to modern western scholars. Not only that, but the sheer breadth of these inventions (over 8 categories!) is largely not recognised today. We wanted to inform the visitor how much older an invention or discovery is than perhaps previously realised, as well as reattribute a discovery to a much earlier Islamic Scholar. Furthermore, we wished to make the visitor appreciate the relevance of an old invention in today’s modern world.

The content showed us that we needed to accommodate for over 160 individual inventions and it became quickly apparent that this application needed to be based on a timeline. We considered various iterations before settling on the direction below. A prototype was designed for testing with the sheer volume in mind – so we developed a back-end content management system to load the various discovery and invention items. In some instances the information included the incorrectly credited Westerner as well as a modern update to the invention – in these instances we include functionality that allowed the viewer to ‘flip’ the content box to it’s reverse side. Just when we thought we were winning … someone said ‘… and what about that Arabic translation?’. Arrghhhhhh. :)

We decided that the date needed to be clearly visible at all times and designed a finger-driven timeline scroll that allows the visitor to whizz through time at the slide of a finger. Now … where did I park that De’Lorean?

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Poka Face

We’re almost at the end of our inaugural Poker Room Training Academy application. Client slash partner slash friend Mark Bernberg had an idea. We brought it to life. And the first training session with Nashua is coming to an end next week.

The Poker Room is a unique and out-of-the-box environment that uses the metaphor of the strategic art of poker as a business training and teambuilding tool. The Poker Room Training Academy is an online learning institution that takes Mark’s company: The Poker Room – and raises the stakes in the strategic business and sales training arena. After a full 2 day workshop the trainees undergo an 8 week online course. The assignment material are published under 3 key areas: Sales, Poker and Product. At the end of each week the tests are opened allowing each delegate to complete the examinations in the own time over the weekend. Questions can range from simple text, to .PDF documentation and even video.

The system is completely managed via an administrative interface, allowing Mark’s team to pre-load all assignment material in advance – which is kept hidden until the allocated assignment date is reached. A leaderboard ranking facility allows delegates to view scores from an individual, franchise and region perspective. The results are all pulled and distributed to both delegates and managers alike – highlighting specific areas of strength and weaknesses for the stakeholders to act upon.

It’s been a great success – and an immense learning curve – for all of us. We’ve learn’t when to hold ‘em, when to fold ‘em and …. well … we haven’t walked away.

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Agency of the Week

You can imagine our surprise when we received a mail from The Digital Edge asking us if we wanted to be interviewed as the agency of the week – us? really? Absolutely! Already fans of the regular PodCast series we wouldn’t miss this for the world.

It’s short. It’s sweet. It’s the elevator test. Did we pass? You tell us.

Catch us on Episode 33 of The Digital Edge.

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Ready. Set. Go!

Our latest campaign for Careers24 launched yesterday. During the briefing process we learnt that the biggest hurdle for any job listing’s portal is to overcome the time it takes for candidates to upload – and format – their CV’s. Good intentions lead to greater drop-off when faced with 20minutes of frustration.

But the folks at Careers24 have overcome this problem with some fantastic new technology that let’s job hunters upload their CV’s much, much quicker than ever before. We needed to get this message across.

“How about a french-speaking hard boiled egg?”, someone said.

“Fantastic! Let’s do that”, we all exclaimed.

That’s how this campaign was born. Then all the idea’s started: “You can upload your CV in the time it takes to boil and egg …. in the time it takes to make microwave popcorn … in the time it takes for Madonna to adopt a child … in the time it takes you to brush your teeth … in the time it takes for Google to release a new product …. the list goes on and on … and we’re sure you can think of more yourself. Why not let us know?

We released Olivier (the hard-boiled egg) all over the net with a few cheeky banner ads, some promotional eMailers and of course the campaign Microsite were all the action actually happens. If you see Olivier somewhere on the Interweb give him a click – you know you want to.

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Standing on the Edge

I had the pleasure of talking to Saul Kropman last week Friday about the digital judging process for this years Loerie Awards.

I am big fan of The Digital Edge, and – apart from receiving a HUGE 3G card bill from Vodacom after finding out that I had enabled automatic podcast download settings – make a point of listening to each episode. Usually I find this works best when I am commuting to- and from Fish Hoek on the train. So when I got the call that Saul wanted to have a chat about this years digital Loeries, i was thrilled.

However … truth be told, when I did get the call it was at the end of a loooong week (two in fact), after we had been through over 170 individual entries. Not only that, but the very day before I had the honour of chairing the digital panel at The Grand Daddy Hotel in Cape Town (the first on-site finalist judging in almost 5 years). I was sitting in the Cool Daddy bar at 11:30am with precious few hours sleep. Then the call came.

After asking Saul to do his impression of “I know what you judged last summer” … (in that distinct radio voice of his) we settled into the questions. My brain quickly felt as if it was a phantom limb. In my mind the interview was a disaster. But not so … thanks to Saul and his team at Cambrient – the edit was kind. ;-)

Go have a listen to Episode 29: The Digital Loeries and see for yourself.

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